Admixture and Plasticisers

Admixture and Plasticisers
ENICON-L (Integral Waterproofing Compound/ Concrete Admixture)
Star – 310 (Anticorrosive Water Reducing Superplasticiser)
STAR 315 (Concrete Admixture for flooring)
STAR 316 (Plasticising concrete admixture)
STAR 318
STAR 320
STAR 321
STAR 325
STAR 327
STAR 333
Star-312 (Water reducing high range anticorrosive superplasticiser)
Star-330 SNF (Plasticiser for flow-able/ Pumpable concrete)
Star-331 SNF (Set reducing high range superplasticiser)
STARPCE-4420 (PCE base 3rd generation superplasticiser)